Anyone who’s served in the Military will recognize the iconic design of the pistol belt we all carried our gear on. M1-K9 Collars are made from the same 2.25″ inch wide nylon webbing with blackened brass grommets and steel adjustment hardware. Each M1-K9 Collar features a steel locking carabiner and comes with a 5 foot d- ring leash. The leash is great because you can attach the handle to the carabiner and make it a 2 1/2 ft. leash. Your M1-K9 Collar also comes with a detachable utility pouch. This is a great place to put a plastic bag.

Choose from OD Green, Black, Desert Tan, USMC Red, Hot Pink or Safety Orange.

Generation 2 or Pro Series?

Generation 2 M1-K9 Collars feature an improved 2.25″ Acetal resin buckle. G2 buckles are thicker and stronger than ever before. Pro Series M1-K9 Collars feature a 2.25″ AustriAlpin Cobra buckle made from a metal alloy that is guaranteed never to fail.

What about the Dog Tags?

Each M1-K9 Big Military Dog Collar comes with a “standard” dog tag embossed with info about collar on it. We also offer Custom Military Issue Dog tags.  We suggest Duplicate Custom tags that come with a short and long oversized ball chains. You put one tag with the short chain on the collar, and the other tag with the long chain on your dog which he can wear 24/7 with or without his M1-K9 Big Military Dog Collar.


The 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

M1-K9 Collars are 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed!  M1-K9 Collars are made for comfort and durability. But let’s face it, sometimes dogs destroy stuff. So it’s important to know that here at M1-K9, We Pride Ourselves on Customer Service. If you ever run into an issue, just give us a call (888-312-2752) or email (Sales@M1-K9.com) us and we’ll take care of you right away. That’s why we call it “The M1-K9 Family.