M1-K9 Dog Collar, Pro Series, OD Green

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M1-K9 Collar, Pro Series. AustriAlpin Cobra Buckle, Steel 7mm Screw lock Carabiner. Includes detachable utility pouch, 5 foot leash and standard military issue dog tag embossed with product specifications.  100% Satisfaction Guaranteed!  All Domestic orders Ship USPS Priority Mail (1-3 business days) Got a question?  Give us a call!  888-312-2752 or shoot us an email at

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M1-K9 Big Military Dog Collars, Pro Series

-Made for All Big Dogs.  German Shepherds, Big Labradors, Pit Bulls.

-2.25″ AustriAlpin Metal Cobra Buckle because they are the best in the world.

-Adjustable 16”-22” or 18”-26” inches

-Dual Sets of Steel Adjustment Hardware

-Steel Screw Lock Carabiner

-2.25” HD Web w/ Blackend Brass Grommets

-5 ft. D ring Leash

-Detachable Utility Pouch because you need a place for plastic bags

-Ships USPS Priority Mail (1-3 days) from Huntington Beach, CA

The Collar

M1-K9 tactical large breed dog collars, military dog collars, are a great choice for all big dogs.  Big Military dog collars.  German shepherd, pitbull, labrador retriever, great dane, rottweiler, doberman, american bulldog, cane corso, mastiff or the great american mixed breed!  Pro Series M1-K9 Collars feature a 2.25″ AustriAlpin Cobra buckle made of an indestructible metal alloy.  The utility pouch is a great place to store a plastic bag or can be detached and used on your person to hold training treats!  Many customers and trainers tell us they love the width of the collar especially when used in tandom with a choker or prong collar because it keeps them in place just below the jaw line.  Other customers tell us their M1-K9 Collar saved their dog from an aggressive dog attack!  That is to say, M1-K9 Collars protect your dogs neck.

The Leash

The leash is strong and lightweight.  It is an original design with the d ring on the leash and the snap hook on the collar.  This allows the user to connect the handle of the leash to the carabiner and essentially turn the five foot leash into a two and a half foot leash rather easily.  It also comes in handy if you ever have to park your dog outside a store if you ever have to run in and grab a soda.  When  adjusting your M1-K9 Collar you should try and adjust both sets evenly and make sure the retainer clip is firmly in place.

The Dog Tag

When attaching a custom dog tag, you will notice the dog tag comes with both a three inch ball chain and a small black key ring.  It is for you to decide which you prefer.  The key ring is stronger, but the ball chain just looks cooler(military dog collars).  If you go with the ball chain, it is best to keep it as short as possible.  It can be easily trimmed with a common wire cutter or strong pair of scissors.  We like to see the custom dog tag attached to the first grommet on either side of the adjustment hardware, though many people just attach the key ring to the carabiner.  When you join the M1-K9 family, we treat you that way!  If you ever need anything, just give us a call 888-312-2752 or shoot us an email at and we will take care of you.

Additional information

Weight 14 oz
Dimensions 12 × 3 × 2 in

16"-22", 18"-26"

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